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Rachael D. Lamkin

Lamkin IP Defense was created by Rachael Lamkin in 2016 after more than a decade of conducting intellectual property (IP) litigation at the highest level and across forums, client size, and industry sector. Rachael’s focus is on effectuating the right strategic outcome in a smart, equitable, and efficient manner, leveraging rigorous analytical models to identify, hone and execute innovative game plans that work.  Throughout her career, especially as in-house counsel, Rachael has been consistently incensed by the actions of IP monetizers - entities who don’t innovate, don’t hire, don’t build, and don’t create, but simply sue and take from those who do.  With this foundation and her deep experience in IP litigation, facing—and defeating--monetizer after monetizer, Rachael decided to launch the first of its kind law firm with a principal focus on combating and defeating mere monetizers.

Additionally, Rachael strives to innovate across the legal business model, ensuring alignment of client and firm incentives and the most cost-effective client outcomes.  Lamkin IP Defense was born from those dual frustrations, from a desire to protect creators from monetizers and a system that too often facilitates extraction from clients.   

In her career as outside counsel, lead counsel, and in-house counsel, Rachael has participated in or overseen more than 100 IP litigations.  As lead counsel or as supervising in-house counsel, Rachael has represented clients in IP matters in federal court, including the Eastern District of Texas, Customs, the ITC, the CIT, and the Federal Circuit. Rachael has been named four times a Corporate IP Star by Managing Intellectual Property. Rachael is faculty at the Practicing Law Institute for the patent litigation curriculum.

Rachael earned her JD from University of California, Davis - School of Law (2006), during which she was a moot court national champion, a federal judicial clerk for the Honorable Lawrence K. Karlton, and a law clerk with the US Attorney's Office, where she received a commendation for excellent from the US Attorney.  Rachael is committed to pro bono work and has provided services to the San Francisco Public Defender's Office, The Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Surfrider Foundation, and numerous artists. She is admitted to practice law in California (state and federal), Colorado (federal), the Eastern District of Texas (federal), the Federal Circuit, and the ITC.