Below find some representative Clients and Cases.  As always, results are case-specific and may not be achievable in your matter.


Some Representative Cases:


Rothschild Connected Devices Innovations v. Garmin, 2:17-cv-00158-JRG-RSP (3/16/2017, EDTX)

Client: Garmin

Outcome: dismissal without prejudice at the pleadings stage

Detail: Attorney’s fees currently being sought.


Locality Leap v. Garmin, 6:16-cv-01388-RWS (3/3/2017, EDTX)

Client: Garmin

Outcome: Garmin and 3 other defendants (each in separate matters) dismissed with prejudice at the pleadings stage.

Detail: No settlement agreement, no monies paid.


X-1 Audio v.  Otter Products LLC, 13-cv-2021 (8/29/2013, SDCA)

Client: OtterBox

Outcome: Dismissal with prejudice immediately following the claim construction hearing. 

Detail: Opposing Ray Niro.


Precision Concrete Cutting v. Sidewalk Shavers, 1:11-cv-01123 (4/27/2011, DOC)

Client: Sidewalk Shavers

Outcome: case settled in 7 months. 

Detail: Plaintiff paid client’s attorney’s fees and is essentially enjoined from ever filing a patent litigation on asserted patents again.  Settlement made public upon motion.


GellyFish v. Alltel, et al, 2:11-cv-00216 (4/13/2011, EDTX)

Client: Otter Products LLC (“OtterBox”)

Outcome: Dismissal without prejudice at the pleadings stage. 

Detail: Filed a first of its kind “reverse bifurcation” motion.  Press followed. See here and here.