Lamkin IP Defense is Hiring: This is a contract-to-partner position.  You will never be an employee.  We want you to own what you do, and the join us in owning what we do.

We do it differently at LID, and we need your help.  

First, we specialize in defending against patent monetization suits.  With rare (righteous) exception, we only do anti-NPE litigation.  We are committed to always being on the right side of the v.

Second, we put the client first, period.  Our job is to get the client out of litigation as quickly and inexpensively as possible.   

Third, our business model is different than traditional law firms.  Where possible, we share the risk with the client, whether that means reducing our fees in anticipation of attorney’s fees or other cost & risk sharing business models.  In no case do we expect the client to pay to train us and we staff as leanly as possible. 

Because we never ask clients to pay for our training, you must have at least 3 years solid patent litigation under your belt.  This is not a flexible requirement and is a minimum. 

Fourth, we take immense pride in our work and our profession.  Nothing goes to the client, opposing counsel, or a court that is not professional, courteous, truthful, and well-crafted.

Finally, we are obsessed with cases that move the law in the right direction.  We consistently look for cases that will disincentivize NPE suits. To this end, we are strategic and creative, and employ innovative litigation strategies that disrupt the status quo.

If the above sounds interesting to you, email a link to your LinkedIn profile and a 1-page submission to RDL [at ] Lamkin IP Defense [dot] com, that includes:

-       Why you want to be part of LID;

-       Why we would want you;

-       Your monetary expectations over 2 periods:

o   The hourly rate for your trial period (the first 6 months).

o   The hourly rate for your contract period (6 months to when we both decide you should be partner).

-       Something cool about you.

-       If you are under-represented in the law, let us know that as well.

This is a telecommute position but preference given to SF and LA, CA; DED; and EDTX.