The primary focus of Lamkin IP Defense is to counter extractive IP practices, i.e. to combat extortive NPE suits, counterfeiting, and the limiting of artistic expression through overreaching copyright and trademark enforcement.  In short, we specialize in white hat IP litigation.  In so doing, we execute innovative and efficient strategies to deliver the best possible outcomes. 

The second aim is to align the goals of the client and the law firm; specifically, to upend the traditional law firm business model that places the law firm and the client at odds (e.g., the longer the litigation goes, the better for the law firm, the worse for the client).   To achieve these objectives, we constantly analyze and optimize both litigation pathways and our business model, ensuring aligned interests and cost-effective outcomes.   

In order to drive the best results for our clients, we limit our representations to the four categories above, in each instance being on the side of makers (creators, innovators, founders) and defending against takers (IP monetizers, NPEs, counterfeiters, and others.)   We limit ourselves to these services in order to radically improve outcomes through repetition, analysis, and innovative strategies.  We are data driven, outcome oriented, solely focused on being on the right side each IP litigation.